"You see beauty where you desire to see it.
You see ugliness where you are afraid to see beauty."


Do something about it

When something is troubling you, make the commitment to
change it. Then begin to act on that decision right away.

Some of the influences in your life are under your control,
and many of those influences are outside your control. Yet
you can always decide upon and put into action a positive
response to anything.

Don't sit around being amazed at how miserable you are and
at how unfairly life is treating you. Instead, be amazed at
how quickly and effectively you can do something about it.

Don't complain to others about how tough it is for you.
Instead, inspire them with your positive and enthusiastic
attitude and actions.

When the world feels all wrong, that's a valuable signal.
It's your way of telling yourself to get going and make a

You have plenty of good options if you'll simply make the
effort to find them. Pick the best one, get busy putting it
into action, and take positive control of your world.