"You see beauty where you desire to see it.
You see ugliness where you are afraid to see beauty."

Food for Thoughts

Food for thoughts provides content intended to inspire you in one or another way.

Feeling inspired means to be in touch with something inside of us which opens the door towards more joy in our life’s; opens the door to move from where we are now, towards where we feel the excitement; embraces change.

Have in mind that the things which trigger a rejection in us, towards a thought or a feeling, often hold something which can be our best teacher for further growth.

Below you find 2 sections. One contains a few as I believe very beautiful and inspirational “Movie Clips”. The other section is an accumulation of inspirational Quotes addressing all kinds of different life circumstances.
See, feel, experience if or how some of them resonate with you.


Inspirational Movie Clips

Inspirational Quotes